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Services – General IT Services

  • General IT Services

  • Hardware Supply

  • Office Move

  • Structured Cabling

  • Wireless Lan

  • Software Licenses Purchase

Services – General IT Services

General IT services that fit your business model and budget 

At Balanita IT we offer a complete IT service for our clients. We know you would rather deal with one company for all of your IT requirements, whether you need to purchase new hardware, arrange managed email hosting or you need assistance with your data backup routines. We are conveniently situated in Colombo, but can also offer our IT support services to any client in the Sri Lanka. 

No IT issue or requirement is too large or too small 
The IT landscape is constantly changing and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about the changes you need to make to ensure your business retains its competitive edge. You also need to reduce costs without losing momentum or damaging productivity. Our general IT services are affordable, reliable and here when you need them. We can keep you up to date with the latest technology trends that will keep your business one step ahead of the crowd and operating beautifully.

Our general IT services include:

  • Hardware supply, configuration and support
  • Software procurement, configuration and support
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Network installation, configuration and support
  • Managed IT services including email hosting, cloud computing and Office 365
  • High speed broadband and WiFi installation, configuration and support
  • Office relocation services
  • Structured data and voice cabling
  • Bespoke IT support services tailored to your business

Our general IT services are perfect for the small business just starting out or the medium sized business looking to refresh their hardware or improve their network connection speeds. We can cater for any business IT needs and can also offer remote and on-site technical support across Colombo and whole Sri Lanka.

The Balanita IT support service – Helping you to maintain your competitive edge 
For the business looking to improve productivity, results and revenue without impacting on cost, our IT services deliver. We have built solid business relationships with our clients and always provide personal service, friendly advice and knowledge you can tap into whenever you need to improve systems, resolve problems or save on IT costs. Speak to us today on 0113 036 763 for a competitive free quote to consider at your leisure.

Services – General IT Services – Hardware Supply

Hardware supply services for any business and any budget

Back in the 1940’s, Thomas Watson, the then chairman of IBM, is quoted to have said “I see no reason why the world would need more than 5 computers.” If that was the case, Balanita IT would probably not be around. Thankfully he was wrong and there are now billions of desktops, servers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones buzzing into life every morning across the world. Good news for us, and good news for business!

Hardware delivery, installation and configuration 

Computer hardware has certainly come a long way since the 1940s and we are happy to say we can meet all of your hardware supply requirements. Whether you are looking for one new desktop, desktops for your entire workforce or you need servers delivered, installed and configured, we can assist. 

We have built strong partnerships with many world class hardware vendors including Dell, HP, IBM, Acer and Toshiba. These are names that we trust and that our clients trust too. If you have a strict IT budget to stick to, we can recommend the hardware that is going to give you the best value without compromising on quality. We can review your business needs so that we can supply hardware that is more than up to the job it is required for.

We can also take care of software installation 

For many businesses, the main consideration when ordering hardware is the cost. However, the biggest variable we find is in the set-up and installation of that hardware. If this is not done correctly, the downtime and cost implications for a business can rise exponentially. Our hardware experts will ensure your machines are installed and configured and ready to use quickly. We can also install operating systems, applications and anti-virus software. 

The Balanita IT support service is here to handle all of your hardware supply, software, network, security and support needs. We offer expert technical support in Colombo and the whole Sri Lanka and our technical teams have years of experience. We can also assist with data backup, email hosting, cloud computing, Office 365 and many other services that will make your business more competitive and productive. Speak to us today on 0113 036 763 to find out more about the hardware we can supply to you. 

We also partner with Hardware vendors to meet your Telecoms, Server, PC’s, Laptops and Printer needs, including:

Hardware Partners:

Services – General IT Services – Office Move

Using Balanita IT Support Services for your office move

There comes a time in every business’s life when they have to relocate as their operations grow or change focus. An office move is a major undertaking, and the key is making the process as seamless as possible so that there is the minimum of disruption to your staff and more importantly, your customers.

Project management 
If you are planning a move from one location to another, your first move should be to appoint a member of staff whose sole responsibility it is to manage the move and consider all of the different factors such as negotiating rents for the new premises, ensuring data backup before the move, organising the practicalities of removal and troubleshooting any problems which may arise. This is not a small task and will require input from all sectors of the business.

IT issues 
Moving offices provides the perfect opportunity to rethink your entire IT system and if this is a move you are considering, then companies such as Balanita IT can help you design your new set-up, and are experts in topics like email hosting, data backup and hardware supply. Outsourcing the IT move to an external provider leaves your own staff free to get on with their day to day jobs without too much disruption.

Minimising Disruption 
Most office moves are planned for over a weekend or bank holiday to minimise disruption for staff and customers, and Balanita IT Support Services are the best company to help you plan your move and carry out the process, step by step. Whether you are moving within Colombo, Sri Lanka or even further afield, experts will be on hand at every stage to give the best advice on managing your office move. Once the move is completed, ongoing technical support is available to deal with any teething issues as they arise.

Services – General IT Services – Structured Cabling

If your structured data and voice cabling is set up unprofessionally, you could find yourself facing a whole wealth of problems, including an interrupted work flow, inefficient system functionality, or at worst, office downtime. However, these problems can become a thing of the past if you switch to Balanita IT support service, as we guarantee all networks are always working at their optimal best. With our team of IT professionals, Balanita IT offers support to ensure all your business needs are fulfilled, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Our central location in Colombo, Sri Lanka means we can offer timely support and be on hand to deliver a prompt response to any office tech emergencies; sort of like a safety net. Take away the risk and unnecessary worry by going with a company you can trust. Our reputation for structured data and voice cabling means proven results – we deliver on our promises, allowing you access to the best IT support, data backup, email hosting, hardware supply and security services on offer.

We provide:

  • An enduring relationship with a professional and trusted Sri Lankan-based IT support company.
  • A team of IT support professionals with years of structured data and voice cabling experience behind them.
  • A service you can rely on.
  • Quality workmanship.

Our company can support you with cost effective data, voice and video cabling, and our support services and methodologies are second to none, providing you with a valuable business relationship. 

Our skilled and specialist resources will help give your business the upper hand, not only with the right technology but also the best experience, background and best-practice approach to provide you with the fastest and most reliable IT support on offer. 

Contact Us 
For the best technical support in Sri Lanka, choose Balanita IT. We value your business and aim to grow alongside you, helping you every step of the way. Contact us for a quote today.

Services – General IT Services – Wireless Lan

Wireless access instantly increases productivity and business growth, allowing users to freely roam and access vital services on the move. In fact, for some job profiles, it’s essential.

Running Slow? 
If your office is stuck with a faulty Wireless LAN set-up, it could lead to much annoyance, lost deals, and unnecessary expense – not to mention a bad effect on all-round productivity levels. 

This could also see your IT Support call-out charges skyrocket, and you’d also have to deal with set-up fees whenever you welcome a new employee to the company – and imagine the rigmarole when someone has to simply move workstations. With a properly installed LAN connection, you can avoid any unnecessary expense and keep your business running seamlessly with convenient, instant access to your servers at all times; no hassle. 

If you haven’t experienced Wireless LAN yet, or are having to deal with a faulty system, why not step into the light with a properly installed system – you’ll not only give your business a boost, you could also save on your IT bills.

The best service 
We at Balanita IT Support Service know that to get the most of this service, it should be fully integrated into your company’s operations. If you’re new to wireless LAN, we can supply a comprehensive list of options, explain the secured system and also provide you with an affordable quote to help bring your business into the 21st century.

Our solutions include:

  • A High Speed Wireless Access Point
  • A sturdy firewall
  • A DHCP Server
  • NAT
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps switched hub
  • Structured Cat5-e,Cat6 and fibre cabling (Gigabit connection-friendly)

Contact Us
Balanita IT are experts in providing spot-on IT consultancy and server support, data backup, email hosting, wireless and hardware supply. We’re based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and are on-hand for all your Wireless LAN set-up inquiries. Our service is tailored to suit your individual business’s needs, with a team of trusted professionals at an affordable price. Contact us today.

Services – General IT Services – Software Licenses Purchase

Buying software licenses, often in volume, is a mandatory requirement for a lot of businesses. Not only do they need to ensure desktops, servers, programs and applications can continue to run effectively but they need to make sure they’re operating legally too. If you’re looking for somewhere to arrange software/licenses purchases with the peace of mind and cost-effectiveness you need, Balanita IT can help.

Ensure continued productivity with license purchase from Balanita 
Without the right licenses to their name, a company simply won’t be able to run the applications necessary to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. That can have a marked impact on productivity and, ultimately, profits, but at Balanita IT we’re here to help. Being a leading IT and technical support company in Sri Lanka means we’ve been able to establish strong, positive relationships with a large number of software vendors, and that means we’ll have you covered.

Whether you need a single retail license, a small business license or are after licenses in volume we’ll be able to help. We can provide software licenses from all major vendors including IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Adobe, Symantec and Hewlett Packard, and if you buy in volume you can ease the administrative burden of having multiple licenses by ensuring everything can be obtained and recorded from one place. With us you can look forward to fantastic discounts too – our mutually-beneficial relationships with vendors means we’re able to pass on great savings direct from the manufacturers, making us the key choice for businesses of all kinds. 

Balanita IT – we’ve got the solution 
We’re leading providers of IT support services in Sri Lanka, offering everything from email hosting and data backup to hardware supply and full technical support, and that means we’ve got what it takes to deliver the solution. You can purchase software licenses as a standalone or can incorporate any one of our other targeted services into the mix, so if you’re looking for software licenses purchase of any kind just get in touch and see if we’ve got the solution.