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Services – Hosted Services

These days businesses need access to a wealth of programs and data in order to perform daily tasks, and cloud computing is a way to consolidate those resources. It provides a platform that not only aligns everything but that allows the user to manage those resources in a highly efficient way, and with the right provider of hosted services the business can use the cloud to great effect. 

Consolidation, control and cost-effectiveness 
By consolidating resources in one central point you can have anytime, anywhere access to business-critical programs, streamlining processes whilst delivering measurable efficiencies and cost benefits across the board. By hosting everything in the cloud there’s no need for expensive in-house devices, servers or networking applications, reducing costs both in the short-term and long-term – the lack of maintenance and expertise required to run such hardware means the business can concentrate on core aspects of business management, allowing staff to focus on maintaining profitability on a more tangible level. 

The business can enjoy a high level of control whilst leaving the finer details in the hands of the experts, and the level of flexibility delivers even more benefit. The whole concept of cloud computing is highly scalable so it can easily adapt to changing business needs, but it’s vital to have an IT support service that can be on-hand to deliver the necessary level of innovation and implementation to take things to the next level. That’s where Balanita IT can help. 

Why Balanita IT? 
Balanita IT has a wealth of experience in the field of hosted services and cloud computing as a whole, and is fully-equipped with the hardware required to host all services and resources necessary. The team can devise targeted strategies that meet individual business requirements in order to boost performance, increase visibility and deliver measurable value to the company, offering tangible avenues for growth with a fully-managed, effective solution. 

This way of operating is scalable, flexible, efficient and highly cost-effective, giving businesses the power to move forwards without excess costs. It’s about delivering the tools businesses needed to work smarter, stronger and faster, and Balanita IT has those tools – perhaps that’s why so many top Sri Lankan names rely on us to provide the hosted services, data backup, email hosting, hardware supply and technical support needed in such complex IT environments, delivering cloud strategies that can have a measurable impact on bottom line results.

Services – Hosted Services – Cloud Storage

Your business infrastructure in the cloud 

You may have heard how more and more businesses and personal computing users are switching their data and applications to ‘the cloud’. What started off as a buzz word a few years ago has now taken the business world by storm. Imagine never having to purchase, configure or manage another server. Now imagine your data being stored securely offsite and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any device. This is the power of cloud computing and it forms an integral part of the Balanita IT Support Service. 

Experience a lower IT TCO and higher availability and productivity 

If you are currently fighting a losing battle with server support issues, a lack of resources, licensing hassles and redundant hardware, cloud computing can take away these issues practically overnight. By hosting your data, email, web services and applications on cloud servers, you instantly take away the many headaches associated with in-house IT systems. Data backup, email hosting and centralised data are just some of the features we have to offer with our cloud services, and these services are evolving all the time. 

At Balanita IT, we offer a holistic approach when it comes to cloud computing. You can choose the number of servers you need and we will configure those servers to suit the needs of your business. We offer your IT support teams full root access to your servers allowing them to configure, support, reboot and upgrade servers, or you can leave the hard work to our technical teams. The choice is yours. We also give you RAID-10 disk storage, dedicated IP addresses over a Tier-1 network, SSL encryption and a choice of Linux or Windows virtual servers. We can also supply 24/7 dedicated and live support for your support teams and users. 

At Balanita IT, we offer fanatical technical support in Colombo and across the Sri Lanka and can also help you with hardware supply if you require a number of your servers to remain in-house. Speak to us today to find out more about the many benefits of cloud computing. We would be delighted to share our vast knowledge with you.

Services – Hosted Services – Cloud Web Hosting

Small to medium sized businesses invariably find that hosting websites and applications on their own servers is neither cost-efficient nor manageable. Problems with downtime, maintenance, security and funding mean a lot of companies look to external solutions, and that’s were cloud web hosting from Balanita IT comes in. 

Minimal downtime = maximum profits 

By using external servers in the cloud, a business’ websites and related resources/applications can be clustered together in a shared web hosting solution. Balanita IT is able to offer this service through partnership with Rackspace, boasting superior performance and 100% uptime for maximum benefit to the business – these clustered cloud servers are built on dedicated servers that run VMware and Hyper-V, offering total security and reliability throughout the life cycle. 

Reliability is assured through the number of different servers and SAN storage devices used to make up each hosting cluster – in the case of a power outage or failure of one server or storage device, all services would automatically and instantly migrate to other live servers still available. This completely eliminates the possibility of downtime for maximum performance and instant access to business-critical data at all times, with a high level of security being assured. 

Scalability and control 

For businesses that have additional resources or require more from their cloud web hosting solution, there’s the option to upgrade from shared hosting to a fully managed, dedicated service. This gives a business their own cloud environment for a high level of control and full customisation capabilities, allowing the solution to be devised according to individual business needs, offering a high level of scalability and total control over resources. 

Balanita IT – the full package 

At Balanitax IT we’re proud to offer leading cloud web hosting services at great value, with shared packages starting from just LKR 7000. Currently these solutions are only available for Linux or Windows OS, but they’re ideal for SMEs that run such systems and who are looking for maximum availability, high performance solutions with minimal outlay. Balanita IT provide the complete support service from data backup and email hosting to hardware supply and technical support in Colombo and throughout the Sri Lanka, offering the complete package with cloud web hosting services that can deliver measurable results.

Services – Hosted Services – Microsoft Exchange

Companies looking to take advantage of Microsoft applications whilst having a fully hosted, secure email solution need look no further – hosted Microsoft Exchange is the clear choice. This cost-effective, business-class email provider has all the functionality of traditional Microsoft Exchange without the administrative burden, putting security and reliability first at every step of the way.

Why hosted Microsoft Exchange? 
Microsoft Exchange already boasts a high level of functionality with enhanced messaging solutions and a range of business-led applications, but by upgrading to a managed solution you can look forward to increased collaboration, security and mobility too. With Microsoft Managed Exchange 2010 as the mail server and Outlook as the email client personnel can not only send and receive emails but can share contacts, folders and calendars, and with access from any device it allows total connectivity at all times.

These features can help improve productivity and efficiency across the business. Being connected to the Exchange server at all times and from all devices means inboxes remain synchronised whether the employee is travelling, working from home or at the office, whilst the level of security in place offers valuable peace of mind. The system is highly secured and regularly backed up for total reliability, privacy and availability, whilst renowned support and administration ensures maximum performance from every angle.

Why Balanita IT? 

Balanita IT provides IT support services in Colombo and throughout the Sri Lanka. Specialists in offering this leading cloud-based Exchange server solution, businesses can look forward to measurable benefit with this fully-customisable, integrated package including:

  • Robust bandwidth
  • Total reliability – built-in redundancy and 100% network/application uptime
  • Server, network, email and infrastructure security
  • Reduced IT overheads – no need for on-site hardware installations or on-going maintenance
  • Full scanning/virus checking capabilities
  • Experienced Microsoft Certified partners on-hand to provide the necessary skills
  • Service level guarantees

With hosted Microsoft Exchange from Balanita IT, you can benefit from the skills and experience of a leading IT support company. From data backup and email hosting to hardware supply and technical support, we deliver a fully-integrated hosted Exchange solution that can offer the performance necessary.

Services – Hosted Services – Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 – Your office in the cloud 

Here at Balanita IT we have seen many versions of Microsoft Office come and go. We have also seen the frustration, cost and administration hassles involved with running and supporting the Microsoft Office suite of products. Thankfully, there is a new way to enjoy the versatility and reliability of the Microsoft Office products in the guise of Office 365. 

Office 365 is technically your office in the cloud. You can enjoy all of the functionality and features of Microsoft Office without the support headaches or the high license costs. This means no more upgrading to the latest version, installing security or functionality patches and no more synchronisation problems between devices. With Office 365, your workforce can access documents, collaboration tools and email from any device no matter where they are. The TCO of migrating to Office 365 is significantly lower than locally installed versions giving you an excellent return on investment in both cost and performance. 

Office 365 deployment and migration for SMBs 

The Balanita IT support service is there to assist any SMB with the implementation of cloud computing solutions like Office 365. Whether you have already moved your data to the cloud and want to move your applications there too or this is your first foray into cloud computing, we would be delighted to help. 

We are here to offer the following assistance with Office 365 solutions:

  • Purchasing Office 365 – we can review your infrastructure and user groups to identify how many user licenses you need to purchase. Prices start from just USD 5 per user per month.
  • Profiling Office 365 users – By profiling your users we can help you to choose the Office 365 service plans that best suit your needs both now and in the future.
  • Deployment and migration – We make the transition to Office 365 seamless and offer migration services that promise minimal disruption to your business systems or operations.
  • Configuration and integration – We will configure your Office 365 service to suit your organisation and any other applications that need to integrate with Office 365.
  • Office 365 support services – Offering expert technical support in Colombo and the Sri Lanka, Balanita IT gives you total peace of mind that your Office 365 solution is fully supported when you need assistance the most.
  • Training – We can also ensure that your users are trained in all aspects of Office 365. Our training sessions are tailored to your business and can be carried out as group or one to one sessions.

Want to experience the many benefits of using Microsoft Office in the cloud? We can save you money, increase accessibility and productivity and ensure you get the very best out of your cloud computing investment. Speak to us today on 0113 036 763 to find out more. In addition to Office 365 services, we offer a holistic approach to IT support and can offer you support with hardware supply, email hosting, data backup, a range of managed services and security consultancy. 

Contact us today for your Cloud based office 365 requirement or click on trial button on your right to start a 30 days free trial for complete satisfaction.

Services – Hosted Services – Microsoft Sharepoint

Often, a successful business comes down to teamwork and effective communication; think of all the cogs turning in a well-oiled machine. Your team needs to successfully communicate, schedule meetings, share information and coordinate its efforts in order to keep your machine running smoothly and productively. Imagine if all this could be achieved with just one piece of software; introducing Microsoft Sharepoint Services.

Focus on collaboration

Sharepoint is a common online work platform which is collaboration-based, allowing your employees to work together on documents, as well as managing and sharing information. They can access resources, connect and collaborate with colleagues, and share new ideas all from one place, boosting productivity and providing a more efficient way of communicating.

If your business uses Sharepoint, it means multiple members of your team may be working on and editing the same document, at any time. The saved changes will take effect simultaneously, so everyone’s kept up-to-date and in the loop. Users can also create their own project dashboard, where common elements of a project (such as documents, calendar, plans, instructions, memos and more) can be created and viewed all in the one place.


With Sharepoint, users can publish documents, maintain a work list, and implement work flows as well as share information via blogs and/or wikis. Because it’s highly collaboration-focused, it allows for greater creativity and more efficient teamwork, allowing for your business to grow in a natural and organised way.

Contact Us 
Think Sharepoint is for you? Balanita IT Support Service (Sri Lanka) can provide on-premise, hosted Sharepoint, email hosting and data backup services which are second to none. Our team of IT professionals can install Sharepoint services at an affordable rate which can be tailored to suit your business needs, so why not contact us today for a quote?

Services – Hosted Services – Voip Hosted Systems

Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes need a telephone system they can rely on; this includes mobile communication, data and video. Communication is key, so you can’t afford for your systems to let you down; that’s why more and more businesses are opting for VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) in order to keep their business’s communications operating smoothly and effectively.

Balanita IT has partnered with leading Sri Lanka VoIP providers to offer you fully comprehensive cloud-based VOIP telephone systems, which run via your existing broadband. 

Can anyone use VOIP? 
To use VOIP, you must have SIP-compatible phones or VOIP landlines, handsets, or mobiles; that’s all you need for seamless communication which can connect you to clients or colleagues when you need it most. Embracing VOIP technology that joins together major elements of communication under one network allows for you to focus on what’s really important; getting down to business, without having to worry about dropped phone calls or miscommunications. 

Benefits of VOIP 
With effective communication systems in place, your company can better respond to your clients’ needs, as well as encouraging better interaction between colleagues. At Balanita IT, we work to provide effective VOIP telephone solutions you can rely on, that are single IP network-based, and come with real-time monitoring. Our service ensures clients are provided with a highly efficient and fully-integrated communication system which allows them to get down to business effortlessly. 

Contact Us 
What’s more, since VoIP works via the internet, it’s not only fast and reliable but also cost effective. We at Balanita IT Support Service can provide the best, safe and secure VOIP solutions for your business, as well as email hosting, data backup, hardware supply and technical support in Colombo and whole Sri Lanka. Contact us today for an affordable quote for your new VOIP telephone system.