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Services – IT Support

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Services – IT Support

The Balanita IT support service is dedicated to providing our customers with a high level of support for their day to day business IT needs. We are highly experienced and our professional team possesses a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of IT support. Importantly, we are also affordable for the vast majority of small and medium sized businesses, which makes us a cost-effective option for those looking to cut costs whilst retaining a highly-efficient business strategy.

High-quality IT support 
Here at Balanita IT, we firmly believe that every business should outsource it’s IT. Not only does it keep IT support costs low, but it can increase a business’s efficiency by reducing interruptions and downtime, enabling you to focus on your core business activities. Balanita IT support service is flexible enough to integrate into any business, whatever it’s environment or culture. Whether you require email hosting, data backup, hardware supply or a comprehensive solution designed to cater for every aspect of your business’s IT, we can provide an in-depth service tailored to your unique business needs. Not only are we happy to come out to your business’s site but we offer remote assistance, which has proven to be a highly effective option for many businesses.

Customer-focused IT 
At Balanita IT we are renowned for our customer-focused attitude and our willingness to learn about our clients’ business in detail. Because we really get to know our customer, we are able to implement new ideas and strategies into our service in order to provide the most relevant and efficient IT solutions. We have loved being part of the success stories of many small and medium businesses and take pride in offering start-ups and emerging businesses a cost-effective solution to their IT needs. So next time you’re hunting for an experienced technical support Lankan company, why not give us a call or drop us an email? We’ll be there in a flash to get you back up and running and on the road to success.

Feel free to call us or drop an email with your query and we will be happy to assist you.

Services – IT Support – IT Outsourcing

There is no doubt that financing your IT requirements is a serious undertaking. Supplying hardware, hosting, technical support and data backup requires dedication and significant investment – especially when it comes to hiring a full time member of staff to look after it all.

As a small to medium sized business, it’s completely understandable if you do not have the resources to deal with the demands placed on you from a technical perspective. It may be that your funds are going elsewhere, or that you simply do not need to dedicate a full time member of staff to your IT requirements. Outsourcing may be the perfect solution.

Balanita IT support service will work on your behalf to manage the technical aspects of your business from email hosting to remote assistance and control. You can be sure of expert and efficient outsourcing from Balanita – and there are many ways it will save your business money:

The benefits – Why outsource?

  • Increased IT performance – advantage over competitors
  • Release IT talent within your company to work on different projects
  • Access to a wide range of skills within our team
  • Profitable and streamlined IT service

Why Balanita? 

Outsourcing could be the biggest money saver for your small business, and coupled with our expert and dedicated team, you will also be getting the benefit of many years of experience within the industry. We are an enterprise solutions provider which help businesses gain an all important advantage within their industry – and we have worked with a number of clients from governmental and financial to non-profit and residential. Balanita ensures an outsourcing solution bespoke to your needs. 

For more information about our outsourcing packages and how we can help your business, you can request a quote online or call to talk to us about your specific needs.

Services – IT Support – IT Consultancy

Getting external consultants in to help with any business’s IT system is a wise move, as it gives a new perspective and injects some expert opinion into your flagging IT system. Balanita IT, based in Sri Lanka is one of the foremost IT consultancy firms in the country, and should be your first port of call whether you need a whole new system designed from scratch, an audit of your current systems, or need to grow your IT to match the growing needs of your business.


If until now your IT strategy has been reactive rather than proactive, Balanita IT can help bring you up to speed with the latest developments in email hosting and hardware supply to ensure that you have the very best products designed for your needs both now and in the future. Balanita IT can help identify where your company is going and help you choose the right system tools to help you get there. 

Project management 

Once a business has thought out the strategy and has decided how they would like their ideal IT system to look, Balanita IT can also help with the nuts and bolts of the implementation of the new products, working alongside your own IT staff to ensure a seamless transition. Balanita’s status as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist tells you all you need to know about the knowledge and expertise help by every staff member and contracting the team as a support service gives you direct access to these experts. 

Tailor made solutions 

Balanitax IT appreciates that no two businesses are the same, so the best way to find out exactly what services and products are most suited to your needs is to ring one of our helpful and friendly staff who will talk you through the various options, or arrange a call back at a time convenient to you.

Call us on +94 113 036 763 or request a call back by filling up the contact us form to be in touch with one of member of your staff.

Services – IT Support – Onsite Support

On-site technical support services in London – When you need a physical IT presence 

At Balanita IT, we offer the widest choice of technical support in Sri Lanka. Our central office in Colombo means its easy for us to travel to your business premises no matter where you are in the capital. We can also offer remote support services in Sri Lanka if you would prefer. 

On-site support, your way 

Our on-site technical support gives you access to a physical IT support presence in your office, whether you need us to attend to an emergency outage or you simply need an IT presence during those busy times of the day. Our professional technical analysts have years of support experience and can support your hardware and network infrastructure and any software applications you have running. One call to our number will have one of our experts winging their way to you, and we can often get to any Colombo office in an hour or less. 

We can also have somebody working remotely on the problem and gathering information until your Balanita IT analyst arrives on site. We can provide support for any IT function including data backup issues, problems with Microsoft Office, server outage issues and network security problems. Our years of experience mean we are well equipped and knowledgeable to resolve any problem quickly and completely. 

24/7 on-site support for those unexpected issues 

Our on-site technical support services offer you complete freedom over choosing the support you need, when you need it. We are on call 24/7, giving you total peace of mind when that critical server crashes in the early hours. The Balanita IT support service is here for you night and day whether you are a small local business or a multinational organisation. We are currently helping many of our Sri Lanka clients with their IT support either physically or remotely and we would be delighted to tell you more about our versatile and affordable services. 

Speak to us today about our on-site technical support in Colombo and our remote support services across the Sri Lanka. Our support services are cost effective, reliable and fit around your business needs perfectly. We can also help you with email hosting, cloud computing, hardware supply, Office 365 and network and web security. Speak to us today on +94 113 036 7637 for more information.

Services – IT Support – Disaster Recovery

Protect your reputation and revenue with Balanita IT disaster recovery 

Disaster recovery, or DR as it is often referred to, is the process of recovering IT and business systems due to a disruption in service. At Balanita IT, we understand that just one hour of downtime could have a huge impact on your business reputation and your revenue. That’s why we offer a robust set of disaster recovery solutions that are designed around the needs of your business and the systems you have in place. 

Why every business needs a disaster recovery strategy 

Disaster recovery isn’t just a consideration for large organisations. Small and medium sized businesses need to review disaster recovery plans too. Hardware failure, data loss, a malicious network attack or even a natural disaster could bring your business systems crashing to their knees. The best disaster recovery plans are those that take every disaster risk into account and which are tested, proven and ready to put into action the moment a problem strikes. 

Be ready for anything with our disaster recovery solutions 

The Balanita IT Support Service gives you access to a wide range of disaster recovery support solutions that will ensure your systems, data and network are seamlessly and quickly recovered should a system failure occur. Using virtual servers, a solid redundancy plan, automatic fail-over and a solid data protection strategy, we will protect your business and your reputation from damage. We will also formulate a data backup plan that will protect the integrity of your data and ensure it can be recovered and restored in moments. Your clients or customers will never know a thing.

Downtime of your business systems could have the following consequences:

  • Loss of business and customers
  • Cash flow issues
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Inability to pay staff
  • Loss of critical data

Can we ask you a question? 

How long would your business be able to function if one or more of your critical business systems was down? This could be your email server, a document server or your SharePoint server. For businesses trading online, a web server failure could be catastrophic to profits and online reputation. 

At Balanita IT we offer expert technical support in Colombo and across the Sri Lanka and can help you to ensure the lights of your business are burning bright no matter what the world throws at you. Speak to us today on +94 113 036 763 to arrange a cost effective quote. We can also assist with email hosting, cloud computing, remote support and hardware supply. 

Feel free to call or contact us via email, to know more about our approach and expertise on how we can help you recover from any IT Disasters.

Services – IT Support – Remote Support

Remote technical support in Sri Lanka – Secure, reliable and effective service 

Reducing costs whilst increasing productivity is a priority for any thriving business looking to grow within its industry. But when it comes to reducing the cost of your IT support functions, a great deal of care needs to be taken. After all, you don’t want to compromise the operations of your business systems. If you are a small business, you may not be able to justify paying for a full-time IT support technician. 

This is where the Balanita remote support service can prove invaluable. We offer remote technical support in Colombo and across the Sri Lanka that is second to none and which you can call on, whether you have a server down or an individual user struggling with a spreadsheet. In our experience, and the experience of our clients, most IT problems can be resolved over a remote connection quickly and without anybody needing to physically touch a single piece of hardware. 

Remote support services that work with your business 

Our remote support services are tailored to your exact needs. Whether you need us on standby 24/7 or during normal business hours, our technical analysts are here to help you with the day to day issues and the unexpected issues that can cause the most impact. One call to our team will initiate a secure encrypted connection between the affected workstation or server and one of our expert analysts. We will then work quickly to ascertain the cause of the issue and to identify the best solution to the problem. 

We keep on top of the latest technology trends including email hosting, cloud data backup and application server management. We can also assist with hardware supply and any other technical support services you may require. The Balanita IT support service is constantly evolving so that we can provide the best service to our customers and help them to stay competitive and productive. Speak to us today to find out more about our remote support services and the cost savings they can bring you.

Services – IT Support – Ad Hoc Support

In addition to providing ongoing IT support and consultancy services, Balanita specialises in providing ad-hoc IT support services to businesses in and around Colombo, Sri Lanka. For businesses without in-house IT support services or companies who haven’t outsourced their technical support services, our ad-hoc IT support service enables them to resolve problems as soon as they arise. 

With many companies heavily reliant on their IT infrastructure, the smallest of problems can cause business to grind to a halt. Problems with data back up or email hosting could mean you’re unable to maintain contact with customers or access essential data and information. Regardless of whether the problem is software or hardware related, our dedicated team of staff members can identify the problem and help resolve it as quickly as possible and are happy to provide a quote via email or over the phone.

Benefits of ad-hoc support 

We understand that many companies don’t wish to enter into lengthy contracts for IT support services and would rather have access to ongoing ad-hoc support for times they really need it. We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses access the help they need, when they need it. When things go wrong you can rely on Balanita IT Support Service to resolve the problem effectively and efficiently. 

Cost effective support services when you need them most 

Our ad-hoc IT support service enables businesses to streamline and minimise their outgoings whilst obtaining cost effective IT support solutions. Rather than rely on costly in-house support, companies can rely on Balanita IT Support Services to deliver innovative solutions as and when they need them. In addition to troubleshooting current issues, our team will advise how you can avoid similar issues in the future meaning you can avoid problems before they arise. By maintaining your IT infrastructure, Balanita IT Support Services ensures your business keeps trading whilst problems are resolved. In addition to providing cost effective support solutions, the team at Balanita respond quickly to IT emergencies to ensure your business keeps running efficiently. Why not call or email us today for further information or to obtain a quote for ad-hoc support?

Services – IT Support – Small Business Server

Get the small business edge with Microsoft Small Business Server 

Microsoft Small Business Service is the perfect consideration for any small business with 75 users or less. With Microsoft SBS servers you can buy the hardware that you are going to use rather than overspending and wasting money on server hardware and software that will remain idle throughout the day. 

At Balanita IT, we are experts in Microsoft Small Business Server deployment and would be delighted to show you the many benefits of adopting your first business server or replacing your redundant server hardware with new, efficient and cost effective alternatives. We understand the pressure small businesses face every day to keep competitive and buoyant which is why we tailor our IT support services to adapt to your business and the way you operate. 

The benefits of Microsoft Small Business Server are huge for any small or medium sized business:

  • Designed and priced for any small business with up to 75 users.
  • Enterprise class server technology in one affordable solution.
  • Increases productivity, collaboration and communications with Microsoft Exchange email, internet access, internal websites perfect for information sharing, remote access capabilities and file and printer sharing.
  • Automatic data backup features ensure your critical business data is backed up and ready to restore quickly and easily in the event of lost or damaged documents.
  • Includes Exchange 2010 for easy access to and sharing of email accounts, calendars and contacts.

Our hardware supply service means we can supply your Microsoft Small Business Server and install and configure all of the components that are going to make your business more productive and ultimately more profitable. Furthermore, we can provide on-site or remote support to your business following deployment. In the event of any issues, we can resolve them quickly and with no or minimal downtime to your business. 

We are dedicated to helping your business succeed 

The Balanita IT support service is driven by a passion to help our clients succeed. We get to know your business intimately so that we can provide the best and most cost effective solutions. Whether you are a small team of 5 or a larger team of 75, Microsoft Small Business Server addresses all of your business functions in one effective and affordable solution. 

We would be delighted to tell you more about Microsoft SBS and how it could help your business to improve workstreams, enhance collaboration and communications and reduce the time it takes to carry out your normal day to day operations. We offer technical support in Colombo and across the nation that is tailored to the exact needs and goals of your business. In addition to our server deployment and support services we can also help you with email hosting, cloud computing, network security and web filtering services. Speak to us today on +94 113 036 763 to find out how we can make your small business more profitable.

Services – IT Support – Desktop Server Support

Catering for your desktop and server needs across Sri Lanka 

At Balanita IT we have years of experience when it comes to the support of desktop and server hardware. Whether you have one dedicated server under a desk in your office or a datacentre of blade servers running critical functions across multiple offices, we can give you expert support. 

The Balanita IT support service is tailored exactly to your needs. Whether you need us to carry out all server and desktop administration, to carry out essential security patches and updates or you want ad-hoc support service when you need it, we can build our support solutions around you. Over the years, we have built up many solid business relationships built on a trust in our services, an understanding of our clients’ needs and a firm grasp on what is happening in the world of IT. 

Hardware support you can trust and afford 

We can support your entire desktop and server infrastructure. If your IT teams are stretched to capacity on project work or you simply cannot justify the cost of a dedicated IT support person, we can help. Just one server issue could cause a huge impact to your business operations, but one call to our team will have us delving into the problem immediately. We can work remotely or travel to your offices to physically address the issue and our lines are open 24/7. We understand we are no longer working in a 9-5 business environment and our versatile services reflect this beautifully. 

Hardware supply, configuration and support in one service 

In addition to desktop and server support, we can also assist with hardware supply. We have vendor partnerships with a number of resellers and can supply, configure and support any hardware you may require. We can also give you advice on the right servers or desktop computers to suit your business needs. 

At Balanita IT, we offer a broad spectrum of IT services designed to cater to your growing needs as a business and the ever changing IT landscape. Whether you are looking for desktop and server support, email hosting, help with data backup or you are thinking of migrating to the cloud, our technical support in Sri Lanka is second to none. Speak to us today on +94 113 036 763 to find out more and for a cost effective quote.

Please contact us today for business IT Support for your servers and desktop computers.

Services – IT Support – Network Security

No business wants a breach in network security to happen to them. Whilst it is true that networks over the years have become more resilient, robust and reliable, network security is still more important than ever. No matter what your network hardware or software vendor may tell you, no network is totally secure or immune to attack or failure. 

Pre-empting the risks before they happen 

At Balanita IT we offer network security services for your WAN, LAN, VoIP network or VPN. We have experience in securing and administering the most complex of network infrastructures and pre-empting the many risks that a business network faces on a daily basis. These risks could involve human malicious attack, damage by viruses and malware or poor configuration of your network hardware or perimeter security software. 

The Balanita IT support service incorporates a range of network security options that will ensure your network is adequately protected against malicious intruders or code and that your hardware infrastructure and security software is configured to let the good stuff in and keep the bad stuff out. Just one network failure or intrusion could compromise your business systems, your critical data and your business reputation. 

Proven security methods and best of breed hardware 

Working with leading network vendors, we have formulated robust network security strategies for our clients that allow us to analyse and configure your network from the ground up and to put monitoring and management systems in place that update, protect and alert 24 hours a day. The result is a security strategy that protects not only your network, but your data, email, web services, applications and any other services you run behind your firewall.

Here are just some of the network security services we can provide:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security patch management
  • Firewall configuration and management
  • VPN and SSL security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Packet and protocol filtering
  • Development of best practice policies and procedures

We stay up to date with the latest vulnerabilities, security updates and industry recommendations so that we can keep you one step ahead of those who would do their utmost to breach your network security. Using best of breed security systems and software, and our expert knowledge, we will provide a support service that cannot be matched on price or quality. We can also assist with hardware supply of routers, firewall hardware and switches. 

For reliable and affordable technical support in Sri Lanka, speak to Balanita IT. In addition to our network security services, we can also help you with email hosting, cloud hosting, data backup, remote support and bespoke support solutions tailored to your business. Call us today on +94 113 036 763 for a cost effective quote.