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Services – Managed Services

Today’s businesses are becoming ever more reliant on technology, and whilst it can increase efficiency in a plethora of ways, it can also be unreliable and require regular maintenance. This has meant that very few companies can do without reliable and cost effective IT support at their helm. Unfortunately, however, it’s not feasible for every business to employ an in-house IT team as it can be extremely costly to do so. Instead, many companies choose to outsource their IT support to ensure the smooth, cost-effective running of the business. If you’re considering following suit, consider Balanita IT Support Service. Employing only the most experienced and competent technicians, we can assure a first-class service every time. 

Choosing Balanita IT managed services 

Whatever IT support you require, Balanita IT is best placed to provide it. Whether you require emailing hosting, hardware supply, data backup or something else altogether, the team at Balanita IT can provide an unparalleled managed service together with ongoing consultancy and server support. We are dedicated to ensuring that with our help your business becomes more efficient in its running and ultimately more productive. We take pride in watching our customers go from strength to strength in their unique markets as a result of our highly effective managed services. 

Premier technical support from a Sri Lankan company 

Of course, we are not the only technical support Sri Lankan company, but we firmly believe that we provide the best IT support at a price that our customers can afford. Many of our competitors either lack the required expertise or are so expensive that they are simply not a cost effective option for businesses looking to keep their costs down. We know that our customers are happy with the service that we provide because they tell us so, and they tell other people – which is why much of our business comes from word of mouth and personal recommendations. We have developed long-standing relationships with many of our customers and have formed a deep understanding of their unique business needs. This has enabled us to provide a truly superior service. 

For further information about Balanita IT Support Service, don’t hesitate to call or email our team.

Services – Managed Services – Email Security

Email has totally revolutionised the way we communicate, do business and take advantage of the latest discounts. Billions of emails wing their way around the world on a daily basis and the security considerations are huge. At Balanita IT, we understand email and we understand the vulnerabilities that can affect any email server or individual message.

Stop email vulnerabilities in their tracks
With our email security services in place, you can be sure that every message and every attachment is safe to open. In addition to securing the email that comes into your business, we can also set up strategies that ensure every email leaving your mail server does nothing to damage the reputation of your business.

Email security covers a number of vulnerabilities and potential risks. We have built partnerships with a number of security software vendors including Barracuda Networks and Eset that will protect your mail servers from malicious attack, prevent potentially damaging emails from reaching their intended recipient and stopping spam email in its tracks. 

Highly configurable and scalable email security solutions 

Just one message containing a virus could bring your systems crashing down. Whilst you may have the most robust anti-virus systems in place across your network, isn’t it better to stop viruses at their source? Email is the most popular carrier method for viruses and other malicious software, but our email security systems will stop these potential risks instantly and keep them quarantined and away from your critical systems. 

We can also provide anti-spam and content filtering systems that will not only prevent unwanted messages being delivered, but which will also protect the reputation of your business. Content filtering systems work by scanning incoming and outgoing emails to ensure confidential information is not being leaked and messages containing profanities or any other inappropriate content defined by you, are not delivered. 

Or why not switch to email hosting? 

The Balanita IT support service also provides the provision of email hosting. We take away the headache and expense of email server hardware supply and configuration, data backup, managing mailboxes, upgrading servers and fighting mail server problems with our email hosting solutions in the cloud. 

Get the most from your email systems and prevent downtime or wasted time caused by malicious messages or junk mail. Speak to us today to find out more about our email security services and to obtain a cost effective quote. Call today on 0113 036 763.

Services – Managed Services – Web Content Filtering

Increase productivity and reduce downtime with our web content filtering services 

Every business wants to ensure that their employees are focused on their jobs and that there is no degradation in productivity. Inappropriate web content, malware and other threats could cause severe disruption to your business. In today’s connected world, it is more important than ever to protect your employees, data and reputation from the damage that web threats can pose. 

Protect your business from online threats

Where once web filtering was more about preventing employees wasting valuable time browsing websites or using chat forums, it is now about keeping the entire network protected from inappropriate content, viruses, malware, spy ware and the threats that are released onto the internet on a daily basis. 

With the Balanita IT support service and our web content filtering procedures, you can decide just how connected you want your business to be. Our sound security solutions help you to protect your employees from opening or accessing damaging content and from accessing content that is not work related. Whether you want to block employee access to social media accounts or just one particular website, we can help.

Web filtering services tailored to your business needs

We recognise that the needs of each business are different. Some of our clients need to access Twitter, some need to access news and current affairs sites whilst others don’t need their employees to have web access at all. We work in partnership with GFI Networks and Eset, some of the best web security companies in operation today. Using world class anti-spy ware, anti-virus and URL filtering policies, we can ensure you only access websites and web services that are safe and authorised for use by the policies put in place.

Our managed web content filtering services take away the stress and hassle of managing your own policies and can be implemented quickly. We will work closely with you to define the web filtering policies that are going to guarantee you increased productivity and less downtime across your business. 

Don’t put your business data or reputation at risk – Call Balanita IT today 

Internet access doesn’t have to open up your business to a multitude of threats. With the right content filtering in place, you can ensure the web opens up a multitude of opportunities instead. Speak to Balanita IT today to find out more about the web security services we have in place. We offer expert technical support in Colombo and the whole Sri Lanka and can also help you with email hosting, data backup, hardware supply and on-site IT support. 

Call us now on 0113 036 763. As with all products, our hosted Web Security service includes 24x7x365 support.

Services – Managed Services – Email Archiving

Here at Balanita IT we are dedicated to equipping small and medium sized businesses with the most efficient enterprise solutions, and our Balanita IT Support Service offers a high level of support to those keen to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. This includes our Email Archiving Service, which is designed to provide businesses with a long-term storage solution for emails. Our email hosting service is highly-flexible and allows for the storage of all emails – both sent and received, as long as an Exchange email service is being utilised.

Multi-functional email archiving 

Our Email Archiving Service comes with an array of functions and features. Firstly, it incorporates an efficient email search facility, which allows users to track and locate specific emails in just seconds, enabling prompt retrieval of emails if necessary. Our service also provides a simple archiving policy set-up, as well as an array of additional confidentiality and legal hold features. As we all know, privacy is essential when it comes to emails, and so Balanita IT goes out of its way to ensure that your emails are for your eyes only, without risk of tampering from outside sources.

Using Balanita IT email hosting facility

Quite simply, without an email hosting facility, any business risks losing or misplacing important emails. It is also possible that without the security of a secure archiving system, confidential emails will fall into the wrong hands, which can have devastating effects for your business. To protect against these risks, our Email Archiving Service manages your emails faultlessly, taking care of storage as well as data backup, which also includes off-site backup for added security. If you’ve previously been storing a huge number of emails in-house then you’ll know that this requires a lot of effort, and time, which would be better spent focusing on your core business activities. Needless to say, Balanita IT provides support every step of the way and firmly believe that we’re the premier Technical Support Colombo, Sri Lankan company. We even provide hardware supply, which many our of competitors do not. Why not give us a call or drop us an email today with any questions or queries?

Services – Managed Services – Offsite Onsite Backup

Having a reliable and simple way of backing up data is of critical importance whatever the size of your business. Statistics reveal that companies who fail to have proper backup procedures are more likely to fail within the first two years than those who have considered on site or off site backup, and as data is one of the most valuable assets any business has, taking care of it is simply a matter of common sense.

Work flow 
Any system designed for data backup has to take into account the needs of the user, and Balanita IT can design services which work in the background, ensuring an uninterrupted work experience for your staff and clients. This helps both with protecting your data by making sure it is backed up regularly, and also with your productivity.

If the worst should happen and you lose your data, Balanita IT can help with a full restore to the point of loss. This is in direct comparison to traditional methods of recovery which can only restore data to the end of the previous day. This method, which does not involve the use of tapes, is more cost effective and cheaper so saves you money on your IT budget too. We can help with the hardware supply to enable you to do the recovery in house, or if you prefer an off site backup facility then give us a call so we can explain how we can help with that too.

Remote Offices 
Very few businesses work in just one location, and many have workers spread across the country. Balanita’s unique IT solutions can provide data backup not only to companies working in Colombo, Sri Lanka but throughout the Sri Lanka and beyond. Data is held securely in an off site data centre and can be recovered whenever it is needed. Our technical support is top rated and whatever your recovery needs, we can tailor a solution to your specific needs.