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Our Web Design Process

Our approach play an important role towards the success of your project execution

At Balanita, the project execution process is client-oriented. We take a systematic approach towards all projects. Project execution begins by mapping the user-experience, determining what functionalities are necessary and where priorities lie. We feel it’s important for a company to envision the complete system from start to end before a single keystroke of code has been made. Specific communication protocols, a precisely mapped objective strategy and explicitly planned implementation play vital roles in the success of large-scale project execution.

Balanita has an innovative and functional set of methodology that caters to your needs efficiently and effectively:

Step 1: Gathering of project info

 Business Model
 Marketing & Branding
 Target Audiences
 Layouts & Navigation Structure

Step 2: Feasibility Evaluation and Planning

 Interface Design Concepts
 Solution Requirements
 Design Prototyping

Step 3: Design and Develop

 Visual Design
 System Design

Step 4: Finalization

 Site testing
 Function validation 
 Launch to ‘live’