Why does your business needs Balanita Managed WordPress Hosting?

Get The Best Page-Load Results
for better search results!

Our well-optimized Managed WordPress Hosting experience will give you great business success!
The Most Reliable & Secured Managed WordPress Hosting with Excellent Support Service in Sri Lanka gives you good peace of mind to focus on your business!
We have everything you need to achieve your SEO goals. You can get Optimized Themes and Plugins. All in a one-stop solution!
Who we are? & the Story!

Managed WordPress Hosting by a Sri Lankan Company!

The most reliable, high-performance, secure, faster page load, speed optimized and indeed Managed WordPress Hosting from 10 years experienced Sri Lankan company is the best choice to handle your business forward into the digital world.

We do WordPress development for more than 10 years and we know all the pain points of having WordPress Hosting and its issues. So we develop our own custom-made servers optimized for WordPress fast page load and security concerns. Now we are here to offer the same quality of our product to our fellow Sri Lankan businesses to get the best SEO and safety. We always update, be supportive and always be with you as we do to take care of our company servers. It is a Promis! 

Simplicity and Choice
Worry-Free Experience

Its not just a web hosting solution

Get Premium Feature Addons FREE!

You can start creating your website right away with our Managed WordPress Hosting because we include several ready-to-use pre-installed marketing tools, caching plugins, and Our WordPress Premium Add-ons as well to expand your online visibility.

Endless Design Possibilities

With our Premium Elementor Addon, you can create unlimited elements and pages as far as your creativity.

Premium SEO Tools

We focused on SEO to make your site reach its highest position with our Premium SEO Tools.

Premium eCommerce Tools

You can get the best widgets and page elements pre-installed in the eCommerce plan.

Hosting comparison

You can start creating your website right away with our Managed WordPress Hosting because we include several ready-to-use pre-installed marketing tools, caching plugins, and Our WordPress Premium Add-ons as well to expand your online visibility.


Rs. 40,000
1st year price

Next year renewal price:
Rs. 48,000 Rs.40,000

  • 25GB Disk Space with unlimited files
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL
  • Free Backups
  • Free Premium site Security


Rs. 49,500
1st year price

Next year renewal price:
Rs. 91,000 / $251

  • 20GB Disk Space but 200,000 files only
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL
  • No Backups
  • Free for 1st year & $35.88 from next year


Rs. 52,000
1st year price

Next year renewal price:
Rs. 81,500 / $225

  • Unlimited Disk Space but 200,000 files only
  • No CDN
  • $39.99/Year extra
  • Free for 1st Year & $47.95 from next year
  • Free for 1st year & $83.88 from next year

Your savings!

Rs. 9,500
You can save on 1st year with Balanita!

You can save on renewal
Rs. 41,500

  • Unlimited no of files with Balanita
  • Free CDN with Balanita
  • Free SSL with Balanita
  • Free Backups with Balanita
  • Free site security with balanita
Balanita's VPS Cloud

Managed WordPress Hosting Packages

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Choose the best Managed WordPress Hosting plan for your business.

Choose the long term contract to get the most value for money for the business in the current situation.
Managed-WP General
Managed-WP General

Rs 40,000/yr
Rs 160,000/4yr
Rs 120,000/4yr

Expand your business with the best WP management, performance, security, and support.

  • Best speed & performance for SEO
  • Best threat blocking & security
  • Easy staging
  • Reliable backups
  • 1 Domain
  • 20GB SSD Space
  • Approx 25,000 visits/month
Managed-WP High-End
Managed-WP High-End

Rs 100,000/yr
Rs 400,000/4yr
Rs 300,000/4yr

Enterprise solutions that provide advanced security, high availability, and dedicated services.

  • High availability, 99.99% uptime
  • Most Reliable for high-traffic sites
  • Highest level of security
  • Managed Web Application Firewall
  • Advanced DDOS protection
  • Dedicated technical manager
  • Easy staging & backups
  • Up to 3 Domains
  • 50GB SSD Space
  • Approx 100,000 visits/month

Our Happy Clients!

I am very satisfied with the support service. Every request email I have sent has been resolved very fast.
Elmhurst School
Balanita service is far and away from the best of other Lankan hosting companies.
Lanka Talks
Chief Editor
Very reliable dependable company with honesty and integrity.
HyperJet Pvt Ltd
Managing Director

Why Does Your Business Need
Managed WordPress Hosting
from Balanita?

Make more sales with a faster website

Want to boost your site’s speed by up to 40%? Transfer to our servers. It’s better for your visitors, your SEO, and the growth of the business.

keep your website secure & save your time

Use automated updates, managed upgrades, backups, and other features to focus on your business rather than site maintenance.

Consistently deliver high performance

Boost WordPress website performance with highly scalable and redundant solutions that include built-in burst capacity.

Protect your visitors and your brand.

Get enterprise-level security, DDoS protection, a Managed Web Application Firewall, and default security.

Take advantage of dedicated experts' support

Access to a dedicated support team that can help with custom onboarding and technical health checks.

Easy Site Migrations with zero downtime

Move your sites to our platform with no downtime by our expert team.


Managed WordPress Hosting Features

You're Our Priority!
You have our dedicated Sri Lankan Support team!

We aren’t simply another web hosting service provider. We’re developers, therefore we understand the frustrations that come with WordPress hosting. We endeavour to deliver exceptional, quick, and reliable hosting services that are backed up by our technical experts around the clock.

True Sri Lankan Based Experts Support

We make sure that while your websites are hosted on our server, you have a pleasant time. Our professionals are available to help you with technical concerns.

30 Day Money Back

While we are confident that you will enjoy our web hosting services, we understand that you can't always judge quality unless you experience it. You have the option to terminate your plan within 30 days with us.

99.95% Uptime

We understand that the availability of your website is a top priority for you, and it is for us as well. We can give you the highest uptime because of our multi data centres.


Managed WordPress Hosting Support

We’re available to help you whenever you need it.

Call +94 11 303 6763 or Contact Now.



What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress website owners don't have to worry about the technical aspects of their servers when they choose managed WordPress hosting. We will handle all parts of your WordPress server, from installation to updates, so that you, as the website owner, have enough time to focus on the website's traffic and content administration. In short, if you don't have the technical skills to handle WordPress websites' servers, managed plans are the way to go.

Why Managed WordPress Hosting price is higher than traditional shared hosting?

In fact, for the majority of WordPress business sites, the performance gain alone would likely make financial sense - after all, how many more conversions would your site make if it loaded a second or two faster? (think customer satisfaction, SEO benefits and so on).

In a nutshell, using managed WordPress hosting gives you not only a precisely tailored environment in which your site will grow and endure traffic surges, but it also gives you peace of mind in terms of additional stability and security.

While managed WordPress hosting is pricier than shared hosting for the vast majority of sites, the benefits are worth the increased cost.

Can I migrate my existing website here for free?

Yes. In less than an hour, you may transfer your site to us. Our migration experts will address every issue with your new SriLanka Hosting Hosting account swiftly, seamlessly, and without any downtime.

Can I get cPanel for my hosting?

Yes, You can get cPanel as an optional add-on with extra license fee.

But with our managed service you don't need a control panel to manage the server. With a simple request email, we do all the necessary things for you by the experts.

Why do I need a Managed WordPress Hosting?

We take care of all server management responsibilities for you with managed WordPress hosting. We're in charge of handling performance tweaks, security concerns on the server, backups, WordPress platform updates, and more. Regardless matter whether you are familiar with the basics of web hosting, our industry experts will handle your hosting server. You will get the best benefits for your site to operate better and will be protected in the hands of devoted WordPress specialists if you choose managed WordPress hosting.

How can I pay?

We accept Major Credit Cards, Debit Card, Bank Transfer and Cheque payments in LKR.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes. You have the option to upgrade your account at any moment. The difference between your current package and your new one will be paid by you. There are no additional costs associated with upgrading.

Do you integrate any 3rd party options for emails?

Yes, any third-party email service for your domain is permitted. If you're utilizing the WordPress web hosting default name servers, you can contact our support staff to have the required DNS records for your site updated.

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