Vendor Management Policy

1. Introduction

Balanita Private Limited (“Balanita,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) recognizes the importance of effectively managing third-party vendors and service providers to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of our data and systems. This Vendor Management Policy establishes guidelines and procedures for evaluating, selecting, and managing vendors to mitigate risks and maintain compliance with security and privacy standards.

2. Objectives

2.1. Risk Management: Identify and assess risks associated with engaging third-party vendors and service providers, including cybersecurity risks, data privacy concerns, and regulatory compliance.

2.2. Vendor Selection: Implement criteria and processes for evaluating and selecting vendors based on their ability to meet our security, privacy, and operational requirements.

2.3. Contractual Compliance: Establish contractual requirements and obligations to ensure vendors adhere to security and privacy standards, including data protection, confidentiality, and incident response.

2.4. Ongoing Monitoring: Continuously monitor vendor performance, security practices, and compliance with contractual requirements to mitigate risks and address any issues that may arise during the vendor relationship.

3. Vendor Assessment and Selection

3.1. Vendor Evaluation Criteria: Balanita will establish criteria for assessing potential vendors, including their reputation, financial stability, technical capabilities, and compliance with security and privacy standards.

3.2. Due Diligence Process: Prior to engaging a vendor, Balanita will conduct due diligence to evaluate their security practices, data handling processes, and adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

3.3. Vendor Selection: Vendors will be selected based on their ability to meet Balanita’s security, privacy, and operational requirements, as well as their commitment to compliance with industry standards and best practices.

4. Contractual Requirements

4.1. Security and Privacy Obligations: Contracts with vendors will include provisions outlining security and privacy obligations, including data protection measures, confidentiality requirements, and incident response procedures.

4.2. Compliance with Standards: Vendors will be required to comply with relevant security and privacy standards, regulations, and certifications applicable to their services, such as ISO 27001, GDPR, or SOC 2.

4.3. Audit and Monitoring: Balanita reserves the right to audit and monitor vendor compliance with contractual requirements, including on-site inspections, security assessments, and access to audit reports.

5. Ongoing Monitoring and Review

5.1. Vendor Performance: Balanita will monitor vendor performance and adherence to contractual requirements on an ongoing basis, including service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and customer feedback.

5.2. Security Assessments: Regular security assessments will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of vendors’ security controls, identify vulnerabilities, and mitigate risks to Balanita’s data and systems.

6. Incident Response and Escalation

6.1. Vendor Notification: Vendors will be required to promptly notify Balanita of any security incidents, data breaches, or other incidents that may impact the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of our data or systems.

6.2. Incident Response Plan: Balanita will collaborate with vendors to develop and implement incident response procedures to address security incidents and mitigate their impact on our operations.

7. Compliance and Reporting

7.1. Compliance Monitoring: Balanita will monitor vendor compliance with contractual requirements, security standards, and regulatory obligations to ensure adherence to our security and privacy policies.

7.2. Reporting Requirements: Vendors will be required to provide regular reports on their security practices, incident response activities, and compliance status to Balanita upon request.

8. Training and Awareness

8.1. Vendor Education: Balanita will provide training and awareness programs to vendors to educate them about our security and privacy policies, data protection requirements, and incident response procedures.

9. Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding this Vendor Management Policy, please contact [insert contact email or department].

10. Effective Date

This Vendor Management Policy is effective as of [insert effective date] and will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in vendor management practices, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.


By adhering to this Vendor Management Policy, Balanita aims to effectively evaluate, select, and manage third-party vendors and service providers, mitigate risks, and safeguard the security, integrity, and confidentiality of our data and systems.


Update: 23-January-2024