Balanita School Management System

Balanita offers a complete School Management System solution that can be used to easily and effortlessly manage the entire administration of your school or institute.
Our services range from elementary to international schools, colleges, and private institutes, and are delivered through a well-organized management system.
It can link teachers, students, and parents via the cloud.

Balanita School Management System

Balanita School Management System is well-known for handling complex school operations on a daily basis. Balanita has a large number of customers who use the Balanita School Management System for all management, administration, and education-related activities all over the world.

Through our Balanita Information Management System, we ensure that you can easily manage processes and operations related to teachers, students, employees, and courses.

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Some Awesome Features of
Balanita School Management System

School Admission Management

It enables the user to handle and manage admission-related activities such as student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, certificate issuance and transfer, and so on.

School Teacher Management

This system makes it easier to manage all teacher-related activities such as salary payment, leave distribution, student-parent meetings, and so on.

Parent Management

It is extremely beneficial for parents to be aware of their children's school activities and performance. It also includes information on parent-student meetings.

Student Management

It makes it easier to track students' and other staff's attendance in a school and can generate attendance reports individually/class-wise/group-wise/staff-wise.

School Fee Management

It gives you control over fee-related activities. It provides a comprehensive report on fee management, including fee collection. Discounts are available, as are due reports, paid reports, and so on.

School Exam Management

It aids in the generation of exam schedules in a short period of time. It will aid in the creation of exam reports and the distribution of results to students and parents.

School Attendance Management

This system is extremely transparent and provides you with complete control over accounting processes. You can obtain all financial reports with a few mouse clicks (fee paid, salary credited to staff etc).

Send SMS

Through the auto-SMS tool, this system makes it extremely simple to send a single or bulk SMS on a specific day and time. It is beneficial to send SMS messages to parents about their children.

School Teachers Payroll Management

This feature allows you to keep track of all payroll-related information. Using this feature, you can generate pay-slips and reports on salaries paid/unpaid TDS, PFs, and so on.

School Accounting Solution

This system is extremely transparent and provides you with complete control over accounting processes. You can obtain all financial reports with a few mouse clicks (fee paid, salary credited to staff etc).

Transportation Management

It offers a comprehensive transportation solution. You can obtain information on routes, trips, fees collected, and so on. You can also get information on your fuel and other expenses.

School Library Management

It contains all records of books received or books recommended by students or teachers. It is designed with features such as'search books' and 'book reminders.'

Time Table Management

It is extremely useful for creating, maintaining, and updating student and staff timetables. You can obtain student and teacher reports and send SMS reminders as needed.

Housing & Hostel Management

It provides you with all of the information about the hostel, such as the name list and the number of students or staff who are housed there, and it saves you time and effort in writing records.


The outcome of any product is critical because it affects the user. Balanita School Software generates reports that outline all modules.

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